The Fusion Advantages

The Fusion Beauty Salon is no ordinary place. It is the combination of its different mentality and its modern ergonomic space that makes each visit there a unique experience. It is the place to relax, be informed on new trends and enjoy yourself. Our team of beauty experts is always at your service, offering their valuable experience on beauty matters and their professional expertise on new products.


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What makes Fusion Unique!

The always friendly and timely service of our clients, even in the unlikely case of no prior appointment.
Your own personal beauty expert that will advise you in a friendly manner while at the same time being a true professional.
The high quality service offered in the quickest possible time. In Fusion Beauty Salon, we cherish your valuable time and thus we have developed a “Quick and Easy Beauty” know-how based on our expertise that will literally restyle you in no time.
The unique Open Color Bar, a space where all products are prepared and mixed in front of the client so as to be 100% sure that everything used is genuine.
Hair dye time reduced in half thanks to a new technique called X-Steam Ozon.
The best quality products available (Premium Lines) in international beauty market, for hair and nails. Imitation products are strictly forbidden in Fusion!
100% Foot Antisepsis for Your Safety with the Sterijet "Hygiene System" that provides germicidal and herbicidal action according to international standards for beauty care, in beauty and hair salon.
High standard level of cleanliness. In Fusion all spaces and surfaces are carefully cleaned and disinfected while while towels used in all services are disposable.
A high quality ventilation system with carbon filter, specially designed for our hair and nail studio space in order to provide to our clients a healthy and pleasant environment.
A sophisticated Led light system for the beauty Studio specially designed to equally distribute the light everywhere and a CRI indicator to ensure the exact color reflection not only inside the beauty salon but also outside in brought daylight.
The equally sophisticated sound system with sound absorbing properties, in order to enjoy your time there without the usual annoying sounds of hair dryers.

In Fusion, nothing is left to chance, every detail counts!