The Fusion Facilities

Fusion beauty salon, situated in the very heart of Chalandri, is a modern, highly ergonomic space, designed with a unique sense of style that looks very different from anything you have experienced so far. The luxurious facilities and innovative equipment is visible the moment you step into Fusion and immediately communicates the message of supreme quality.


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We offer our Fusion beauty services in specially designed, professional armchairs that are ideal for mani-pedi services and ultra-modern CERIOTTI chairs with seat tilt for the body and feet, in order to enjoy a true relaxation time while you have your hair done.


Safety, Speed, Optimum Results.

With 20 work stations and more than 10 people staff (professionals only, no apprentices), for hair (hairstyles, haircuts, wash, dye, x-steam ozon), and mani-pedi, a full makeup corner but also multi-seats that can transform into private seats, we are in position to offer our clients more than one service at the time thus saving their valuable time without downgrading the quality of the services offered.
On the mezzanine floor of Fusion, our gentlemen clients have their own space, where they can enjoy their mani-pedi services and their haircut.


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A combination of new methods, certified partners and the most contemporary techniques, first thoroughly tested and then further developed by our staff, is accountable for the success of Fusion that makes our three values Safety-Speed-Optimum Results possible!


Fusion services, from the simplest to the most refined ones are always offered with the same degree of professionalism and passion to perfection!


It is your impeccable look the best proof of our impeccable work!