Male spot


The days when male grooming was considered a taboo are long gone. Nowadays male grooming is considered a must for every man that wishes to attribute added value to his professional and social image.


This is why we decided to create a separate space for our gentlemen’s clients’ hair and nail treatments. Similarly to the philosophy of the rest of the salon, the gentlemen’ s space shares the same sophisticated mentality, professional services and high end product lines, only slightly different to meet their male aesthetics.


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A stylish self-presentation positively affects not only our self-image but also our overall mood. In Fusion you will find the professional grooming care that will enhance your image and lift your mood.


Male haircut.
Hair styling.
Beard and moustache grooming.
Hair dye (white hair dye in your previous natural color).
Eyebrow grooming.


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Best available products!


Osis+ products, the premium product line of Schwarzkopf are being used by our beauty experts to achieve creative, super stylish looks.


Σειρά περιποίησης μαλλιών SEB MAN (PROFESSIONAL SEBASTIAN), Styling & Grooming από τη Wella.


Σειρά περιποίησης μαλλιών SYSTEM, από τη Wella.