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The Great Lenghts we use in FUSION for Hair Extensions are Unique Quality 100% natural hair, healthy and shiny. They have a uniform tuft length of 40 to 55 cm and a single root thickness - They are distinguished for their long duration, their resistance to air, sun, sea and all sports. They are also easy to care for, comfortable and invisible.

The hair is available in over 60 indelible shades, and in FUSION you will find a wide variety available for one-day placement.

FUSION Hair Experts, certified by Great Lenghts, faithfully apply authentic compounds to the innovative welding and application systems of the extensions, which for 20 years have remained world leaders.


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Mounting is applied with Ultrasonic touch technology, which means invisible gripping points and high hair protection.

The complete service offered by FUSION guarantees a duration of up to 6 months and the absolute desirable aesthetic result.


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