Mani - Pedi

ManiArt - PediCare
In Fusion we believe that life might not always be perfect but that your nails should  be! Combining the know- how of our experienced Nail Specialists with the impeccable quality of the American CND™ products that have dominated the beauty markets for more than 4 decades, we introduce new, innovative techniques to our clients every day!

The manicure and pedicure treatments are real rituals in Fusion. Inspired by the latest color trends in nail polish, presented every year at the Fashion Weeks around the world, our nail experts will be at your services at once, without unnecessary delays in order to offer you the best, most quality and fashionable result!


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In Fusion we offer you all kinds of services from the simplest nail rasping and treatment to the most elaborate and personalized ones (treatment, nail color, gel, acrylic nail color and color maintenance) in accordance to the latest Nail Fashion Trends and bearing the original quality of premium line nail products of the following brands: CNDVinylux™, Weekly Polish and CNDShellac™ Brand 14+Day Nail Color!

All you have to do is simply “dive’’ into the luxurious Fusion Nail Lab armchairs and choose the Mani - Pedi treatment you want, according to your personality, your needs and your lifestyle and leave the rest to Fusion and CND™! In Fusion you will enjoy:


Immediate service, every hour of the day, no waiting time!
Special premium nail care armchairs, for simultaneous pedicure, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy!
Conditions of perfect cleanliness of space and equipment: antiseptic cleaning of all surfaces, tools and equipment, in special oven inside the beauty salon, disposable rasps etc. All accessories used for the nail treatment are packed separately and are opened before you by the nail specialist!
100% Foot Antisepsis for Your Safety with the Sterijet "Hygiene System" that provides germicidal and herbicidal action according to international standards for beauty care, in beauty and hair salon.
Special Pedicure flip flops, so stylish, that you will want to use as a fashion accessory even after you leave Fusion!
Multi service: simultaneous hair, manicure and pedicure treatments for time saving!
A complete range of more than 210 colors from CND™ Vinylux™ Weekly Polish and CND™ Shellac™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Color.


Mani - Pedi Color...
Standard VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish, one week duration.

Top market semi-permanent nail polish, the original SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Color

Exclusively from CND™, the new Base coat - Nail polish - Top coat, system that is the unique choice on permanent nail polish which lasts for more than 14 days!

Last but not least, the newest Led Lamp from CND™ for the polymerization of the nails that bears the pioneer 3C Technology that treats all five fingers (hands and feet) in HALF THE TIME. It optimizes the light, energy and time for maximum glow and duration, using optical mirrors that aim only at the nails.


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Top Coats CND™ Shellac™

Three different Top Coats, CLASSIC, EXPERT TOP 5, DURAFORCE suitable for every special need and customer desire.


CND™ Shellac™ color removal

It can be removed by the unique CND™ Shellac™ Nourishing Remover or a simple acetone. Easy removal procedure that only lasts 8 minutes and does not cause damage to the nail. Unlike other brands, (shellac like) there is no need for rasping or filing. It contains Macadamia oil and Vitamin E, that softens and moisturizes the nail and the surrounding area, preventing white spots and dryness during the removal It also has a uniquely pleasant scent!


Mani - Pedi Plus
Advanced Nail Care. A special CND™ product treatment for moisturizing, healing and nail restoration in order for both the nail and hangnail to return to its initial healthy state.

Pedi Spa. A feeling of luxury in pedicure realized in 4 steps: Soak, Scrub, Mask, Massage Lotion.  A procedure that leaves a silky sensation to the skin.

Artificial Nail, Acrylic products and CND™ & ΙΒD Gel products.

Maintenance, Enhancement, Retouche. For acrylic and gel artificial nails.

Nail Art. Handmade decoration, Styling Additives, Fashioned by CND™.