SPA mani - pedi

SPA Manicure - SPA Pedicure
For worn down nails, there is no treatment like the complete SPA Mani & SPA Pedi treatment that brings out the shiny, healthy image of your skin. In Fusion, we have developed and offer you a complete SPA Mani Treatment and 3 different SPA Pedi Treatments, using the best products available in the market, that enhance the good conditions of your nails by bringing out their natural glow.
In Fusion, during the SPA Mani & SPA Pedi treatments, we go further than just exfoliating the affected area. We use special moisturizing and therapeutic ingredients that penetrate your skin through the massage movements of our nail experts that not only help you relax but also improve the blood circulation of the area.
Treat yourself with a SPA Mani Pedi and feel what it’s like to be treated like a queen!


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SPA Manicure
Our hands are the hardest working part of our body. Everyday, they are subject to dirt and weather conditions. The SPA Manicure we offer in Fusion includes a thorough cleaning procedure as well as a deep exfoliation of the area, using special lotions. As a result, every dirt and dead cell is removed, leaving your hands soft, smooth and wrinkle free.


SPA Pedicure
We tend to consider spring and summer as the only seasons of the year when we should take care of our feet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our feet lift our weight not only metaphorically but also literally throughout the whole year. Constant walking is a special surcharge that might cause not only fatigue but also feet callus and other skin abnormalities. SPA Pedicure deeply exfoliates your feet and removes even the most minimum trace of callus.
SPA Pedicure Services have an excellent soothing effect on tired, heavy feet. You just have to soak your feet in the rejuvenating foot bath filled with special salts and various products, let yourself relax in the hydro massage and the chromo therapy treatments and experience a pure sensation of cleanliness sweep you off your feet.


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Special Treatments for Nails, Felons, Heels and Callus
Solar Oil. A single drop ensures maximum skin elasticity and toughness. The jojoba Oil and Vitamin B deeply penetrate even painted nails moisturizing and protecting both the nail and the felons.
Rescue Rxx. New, long lasting keratin treatment that with every day use significantly reduces the peeling of the nails as well as the white spots.
Ridge Fx. Nail surface enhancer for immediate softness, visible brightness, vibrant color and nails looking younger and more attractive from the first application.